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The Residents’ Review

Residents' Review - Bradbury Gardens

Welcome to The Residents’ Review. In this section, we’ll share our favourite highlights, news and events from Bradbury Gardens.

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Pumpkins and parties

To mark Halloween, all of our residents rolled up their sleeves to take part in some fun pumpkin carving and enjoyed parties on-site and at Ullenwood.

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Lockdown The Musical

Ellie, alongside long-term residents at Foundation House, was thrilled to take part in ArtShape’s Lockdown The Musical, a performance about personal experiences of the pandemic.

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Pumpkin picking at Cotswold Farm Park

Residents Bethan, Peter, Tallulah, Mikey, Helen, Ellie, Sam and Caroline all visited Cotswold Farm Park to pick out their favourite pumpkins in the lead-up to Halloween.

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Happy Birthday Ellie

Ellie celebrated her 29th birthday in style in October. Her party at Bradbury Gardens included games of hitting the piñata and pass the parcel, a Chinese takeaway and lots of dancing.

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Mikey stretches towards goal

Mikey and the Bradbury Gardens team have been getting creative in the ways Mikey can continue to incorporate stretches into his daily routine, which enable him to develop leg strength. 

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Group of students smiling looking at living room plans

Become a festive fundraiser

Instead of sending Christmas cards this year, can you make a donation to National Star’s Building a Brighter Future Appeal and help us reach our £1,000 target?

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