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The Residents’ Review

Residents' Review - Bradbury Gardens

Welcome to The Residents’ Review. In this section, we’ll share our favourite highlights, news and events from Bradbury Gardens.

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Tallulah smiling on the bridge at Cannop Ponds

A trip to Cannop Ponds

Sam and Tallulah enjoyed a lovely day trip to Cannop Ponds in the Forest of Dean, where they had a long walk and picnic in the sun.

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Peter, Ellie, Bethan, Mikey and Helen celebrate her birthday at Prezzo

Helen's birthday meal

Peter, Ellie, Bethan and Mikey all joined Helen for her 26th birthday celebration at Prezzo.

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Residents and staff gardening

Going green

Thanks to the warmer weather, we have been able to start some relaxing gardening activities at Christie. Residents have planted potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, cress and more.

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Residents smiling at Evesham River

Evesham River

After a few days of rain and being indoors, Ellie and Peter couldn’t wait to go for a walk along the river in Evesham and enjoy a small picnic.

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