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The Residents’ Review

Residents' Review - Bradbury Gardens

Welcome to The Residents’ Review. In this section, we’ll share our favourite highlights, news and events from Bradbury Gardens.

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Mikey holding piece of bread he made

Mikey's bread making

Mikey has been hard at work making different types of bread from scratch, including garlic and herb, cheesy bread and plain.

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Resident standing next to snowman

Snow Day memories

Our residents made the most of the beautiful surroundings of Pittville Park during the snowy weather before Christmas.

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Group of residents and staff at Winter Wonderland (2)

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Many of Bradbury residents went on a trip to Winter Wonderland and Zippo’s Circus in London in November. This was our first major outing as a group since COVID, and it was great to see the residents enjoying their time out exploring again.

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Resident holding paper dragon he created

Marking Chinese New Year

Residents loved marking Chinese New Year with special displays and an authentic Chinese menu that they prepared and cooked themselves.

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