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Declan Rogers
A very warm welcome to Dec who has joined us in Christie as a Senior Facilitator. Dec has been working for National Star for more than three years in a number of residences. Let’s get to know him…

Before National Star I…worked with children with autism and behaviours that challenge. Some of my former colleagues came to National Star and recommended that I apply to join as well, so I did.

I wanted to work for National Star because…it was an opportunity to work within an organisation that pushed the limits of what their students could achieve. I have seen many examples of this during my time here.

In my current role I…am a Senior Facilitator, which involves working with both the students and the residents, as well as having management responsibilities.

In my spare time I like to… spend most of it around motorbikes or watching motorsport, and playing with my children and having fun.

If I were a Mr Men character I would be…Mr Mischief according to my wife, and to be fair the students would also say the same!

The most rewarding part about working at National Star is…watching the students grow, build their confidence and try new things for the first time. Watching them overcome their fears and having the biggest smiles on their faces when they achieve what to them is impossible is the best.  

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