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The Residents’ Review

Welcome to The Residents’ Review. In this section, we’ll share our favourite highlights, news and events from Foundation House.

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celebrating our birthdays

Celebrating our birthdays

Since our last Residents’ Review newsletter we have celebrated many birthdays at Foundation House, with the occasions marked by parties, cocktails and cheeky takeaways!

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The sensory garden is blooming

Our new sensory garden is steadily taking shape at Foundation House and will make the perfect space for residents to relax, unwind and process their day.

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Fun days out

As Covid-19 restrictions have eased, we have taken the opportunity to organise more trips out in the local community and enjoy time away from the house.

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Meet Carly

Congratulations to Carly who has been promoted from Senior Facilitator to Deputy Manager at Foundation House! Let’s get to know her.

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