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A knock-out wrestling match

Jon watching wrestling

Wrestling matches on our Xbox are a serious business at Foundation House, and Wednesday 3 August marked the end of an era when Andy (playing as Undertaker) lost his reigning champ title in a very hard-fought wrestling match against Xenon (Brock Lesnar).

The match was the wildest we have seen at Foundation House, with (virtual) tables smashed, sledgehammers, chairs and bins wielded and all manner of destruction caused. There could only be one winner though, and Xenon clinched the title that Andy has held for a year and a half. Xenon will go on to defend his new title at our Summer Slam event at Foundation House later this month.

We continue to work hard to make gaming as accessible and inclusive as possible for all of our residents, and we’re delighted that David, Facilitator at Foundation House, has been leading on this. We were pleased that Jon has been using the Kinect to play Fruit Ninja, remaining interested and focused throughout – a massive achievement!

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