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Chloe Teague

Congratulations to Chloe who has moved into the role of Senior Facilitator at Ledbury Road. Let’s get to know her…

Before National Star I…worked as a nursery apprentice, but I knew from the get-go that I wanted to be able to give more back and help people in their lives.

I wanted to work for National Star because…I was inspired by how independent my auntie was. She went to National Star when it was the Star Centre, and I wanted to be able to give back the same independence they gave her.

In my current role I…love spending time with the residents. I feel like I have a good connection with all of them and their parents, and I always try to go above and beyond.

In my spare time I…like to be with my family and friends. I love animals so I like to spend a lot of my time with my poochon exercising.

If I were a Little Miss character I would be…Little Miss Bubbly. I am always smiling and laughing!

The most rewarding part about working at National Star is… seeing people progress independently and be so happy in their lives.

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