Case study Category: The Unbreakables

Megan, 18


Megan loves a party - and a drinking game or two. She is fiercely independent and determined.

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Lewis, 19


Lewis loves three things – boccia (he plays for England), Newcastle and girls. Though not necessarily in that order.

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Nicki, 23


Nicki has had two lives – the one before her car accident and the one after.

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Morgan, 19


Morgan speaks Welsh and English and loves everything Welsh and rugby. What he wants most is a paying job and not be on the dole.

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Sasha, 21


Sasha wants a career in acting. Her passions are nails, shoes and handbags. Her dream - to have her own place and not have to live with her parents – or pensioners.

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Xenon, 21


Xenon is a self-confessed ladies' man although his best mate Nash would tell you that he has way more luck with girls than Xenon.

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