Aspiring chef Josh has all the right ingredients

Josh Richings

Josh Richings has a dream of becoming a chef and he is well on his way to making that dream a reality.

The 20-year-old has a paid part-time job in the kitchen of Chargrove Lawn Care Home. He admits that before his one-year Skills for Work programme at National Star he was not very confident.

‘When I started in the kitchens at StarBistro at Royal Crescent I didn’t say much to the staff. Now I’ve come out of my shyness and I am much more confident working with others,’ he said.

Josh says having the support of a work mentor has made a huge difference to his success in getting work.

Mike my Job Mentor has helped me find the best place where I’d like to work and helped me with my confidence. Now I am ready to do more on my own.’

Josh said getting his first pay cheque was a special moment.

‘It meant that I have a real job in the catering industry. I’m saving some of my money but I am also helping the family with shopping bills,’ says Joshua.

While he enjoys cooking at home, Josh admits that it is still his mother’s domain. ‘I’m usually the commis chef,’ he says with a smile.

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