Meet Job Mentor Mike

Case Study Mike Youart

‘Seeing the student put the skills they’ve learnt to use and leave college with a job is very satisfying.’

Mike Youart, Senior Job Mentor, has been a member of our Skills for Work team for eight years, and remains as passionate about supporting young people into work now as he was on his very first day.

Mike is trained in TSI, a method that teaches the breaking down of tasks into steps so they can be more efficiently taught and any issues more easily identified. This knowledge is something that Mike applies when supporting learners on their placements.

Mike employed TSI in 2015 when working with a learner called Kyler. They discussed Kyler’s interests and needs, as well as the kind of tasks he would excel at and those he would need support with. After this, Le Beaujolais, a Cirencester restaurant, was identified as an ideal work placement. Mike then worked in partnership with Le Beaujolais to ensure Kyler had the opportunity to develop both his skills and his confidence, culminating in him being able to work independently. At the end of his placement Kyler was thrilled to be given a paid part-time position at the restaurant.

Every year Mike supports learners like Kyler on their work placements, and helps to provide the skills and confidence they need to enter voluntary and paid employment after college.

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