Randall & Payne’s work placement experience

Randall and Payne work placement case study

Randall & Payne Chartered Accountants and Business Advisory Services decided to offer our learners work placements after meeting National Star and finding out how the lives of young people with disabilities could be transformed through the development of their skills, confidence and independence. When a vacancy for a Scanning Clerk arose, they knew that one of our Skills for Work learners could make a great fit.

The Job Mentor team met with Randall & Payne to discuss the tasks the learner would be expected to complete, and the personal attributes that would be desirable. Dan was identified as an ideal candidate, and with his Job Mentor he visited Randall & Payne’s offices to meet some of the employees, take a look at the environment he would be working in and try out some of the tasks. This included scanning, for which Randall & Payne had created a step by step pictorial guide. This demonstrated how to use the software, scan documents and save them. Dan’s Job Mentor supported him in learning this process until he was ready to do the work independently.

Randall & PayneWe were absolutely delighted when, towards the end of his placement, Randall & Payne confirmed that they were interested in offering Dan a paid part-time role. The work placement had given the firm the opportunity to see what Dan could do, as well as how he would fit into the wider team. They were also confident that the Job Mentor team were there to support both Dan and them throughout this process, and by giving Dan a chance, they have gained a much valued member of the team.

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Find out more about partnering with National Star to offer a work placement by clicking here. You can also get in touch with Christine Hopkins, Job Mentor Team Leader, at chopkins@natstar.ac.uk or on 01242 527631 ext. 2744.