Can Do Cake

Say Can Do to making cakes with KAPOW

Are you Wonder Woman with a whisk, Superman with a spatula or The Flash with a fork?

Join leading media medic Dr Dawn Harper and get behind our Can Do Cake campaign! We’re on the lookout for baking heroes who can unleash their superpowers in the kitchen and help raise money for National Star. Use your incredible cooking abilities to create cakes with KAPOW before summoning hungry civilians with the Bat-Signal to your cake sale. Feel invincible as you donate the money raised as a result of your heroic efforts, changing the lives of young people with complex disabilities. No super suit necessary.

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Let our friendly Fundraising team know about your event by completing the form below with your details or email or call 01242 524478 to chat to one of the team. They will send you lots of goodies to help take your cake sales up, up and away!

Can Do Cake
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