Our Spring Appeal

Our Spring Appeal

‘We can be mum and daughter now, spending quality time together doing mum and daughter things. That is so special.’

At 15 months old our lovely daughter Georgie was diagnosed with a type of cerebral palsy called dystonic quadriplegia. The doctors couldn’t say what the future would hold for her or what she would be able to do. Everything was so uncertain, and it was incredibly hard for me and her dad to comprehend.

Georgie has mobility and communication difficulties. She uses a power wheelchair and an electronic communicator.

In September 2015 Georgie moved to National Star. I was so proud of how she was involved in so many different activities there. She loved meeting new people, and learnt to direct her own care, giving her more independence. Georgie played sport and went skiing in Andorra. She completed her Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award, and became a disability awareness workshop speaker.

Thanks to National Star, Georgie is now living an independent life back in Scotland. She does her own food shopping, meal planning and laundry, and chooses what clothes to wear. Before going to National Star she didn’t like ordering food in restaurants as she worried it would take too long using her communicator.

Georgie is also an active volunteer. She works on the local hospital radio two evenings a week. She chats to patients on the wards to get their song requests, then plays them in the studio. She also trains medical students, talking to them about her time at National Star and role playing with them so they can practise listening and talking to someone who uses a communication aid.

But it’s not just Georgie’s life that has been transformed by National Star – my life has too. Before National Star, I had to do everything for Georgie. I would get her up, get her washed, dressed, breakfasted, take her to school and back, give her dinner, then a bath and bed. There was no time for anything else, and it was exhausting. But now Georgie has become so independent that she is able to take charge, to do things for herself or direct her carers. That has changed the whole nature of our relationship. For the first time we have a mum and daughter relationship.

National Star has truly transformed Georgie’s life – she is so much more confident and independent. Please help transform the lives of other young people like Georgie by making a donation to National Star now.

Thank you so much for reading our story.

Fiona Williams, Georgie’s mum

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