Catherine’s story

Catherine stood smiling on a sandy beach
Catherine was in her second year of A-Levels when she was in a serious car accident. Her father died and Catherine received a traumatic brain injury.

When she joined National Star in 2012, Catherine used a powered wheelchair. She was fiercely determined to achieve her two goals – to walk again and be able to live in her own home. Through physiotherapy and aquatic therapy, Catherine developed her core strength and worked on her mobility. The multi-disciplinary teams worked with Catherine to develop strategies to cope with her short-term memory loss.

When she finished at National Star in 2015, Catherine, using her crutches, walked to collect her certificate during the leavers’ ceremony.

In July 2019, Catherine finally achieved her dream – she moved into her own home where she now lives with 24-hour support. She uses a walker but can move around parts of her house unaided unless tired.

‘With the support of National Star, Catherine was able to achieve her dream,’ said her mother Debbie. ‘The continuity of learning as a residential student has got her where she is today.’

‘I’m really grateful for the help from all the staff at National Star,’ said Catherine.

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