Francesca’s story

Francesca smiling alongside BBC broadcaster Victoria Derbyshire
National Star was truly life-changing for me. I am now confident with who I am, independent and have made many lifelong friends.

I learned that my disability doesn’t define me, that my ideas do count and that I can make a valuable contribution to the community.

Being part of the Student Union gave me the chance to not only express my own feelings and ideas, but also be the voice of others.

Before coming to National Star I wasn’t particularly interested in politics and didn’t really understand it. Being in mainstream school, it was difficult to make myself heard.

At National Star, we discussed the General Election in understandable terms. It made me realise that I do have an opinion and certain issues matter to me. I decided to vote for the first time and to make an informed decision.

It is important for people with disabilities to be heard as we are part of society and we have something to offer society. I may speak a little slower, but that doesn’t mean I have less to say.

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