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Alan with two Lake House residents smiling on the swing

Our life in lockdown

My name is Alan Stockton and I am the Residential Manager at Lake House, one of the residences here at National Star.

Routine and structure is very important to every student in Lake House. Any disruption causes extreme anxiety, which can lead to challenging behaviour. The pandemic meant that student routines disappeared overnight, and their world changed so quickly. 

The introduction of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for staff was incredibly unsettling for them. Sensory sessions where they could touch and explore our PPE helped it to become less strange and alien to them. They also learned about the virus and why it is so important to stay safe.

Our students love going on trips, but due to the pandemic, these haven’t been possible. To give them that much-needed sensory stimulation while keeping them safe, we take students out on ‘bumpy rides’ in college vehicles, driving on local bumpy roads while singing along to music. It feels so good for everyone to be out and about.

Life in lockdown at National Star has meant that many fundraising events and activities have been cancelled, which has left a big void in our income. By making a donation today you can help to provide the resources and equipment we need to protect the young people with disabilities at National Star, to continue providing them with the best opportunities and to keep them safe and happy, now and in the future.

Alan Stockton

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