The Percushion Wave

Percushion Wave

Make music and stay connected with the Percushion Wave

COVID-19 has created many challenges for our charity and the young people we support, and lots of our students are shielding at home. What better way to lift everyone’s spirits and stay connected than to make music? With the use of a few handy household items you can create your very own ‘percushion’ instrument and join us in making some joyful noise.

From students to charity supporters and some very special guests, thank you to everyone who took part in our fundraising Percushion Wave, helping us create some joyful noise during this challenging time. We’re excited to premiere the full video below – hope you all enjoy it!

Fundraise for National Star

You can support our Percushion Wave by donating at our fundraising page and sharing the link with your friends and family. Get inspired by the range of 2.6 Challenges being completed by our students, staff and supporters.

How can I play?

It’s really easy to create your own percushion instrument. Simply take a cushion cover (or a duvet if you want to make a truly big noise) and fill it with items that will help you make some music. You can use bottle tops (metal and plastic), plastic bottles, plastic packaging, scrunched up paper, foil, coins, marbles or even gravel from the driveway. The only limit is your imagination. Be daring, be creative and mix and match to see and feel how it sounds. You can add to the percushion sound with homemade shakers, too!

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