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LiftTraining Cambridgeshire is part of a group of award-winning programmes that provide free Independent Travel Training (ITT). The programme is aimed at young people with special educational needs and disabilities attending school or post 16 education up to the age of 25 years. We’ll help you to develop the skills and confidence to independently travel to school and college using a range of public transport.

Twins Sarah and Kirsty smiling at the train station

All you need to know about LiftTraining Cambridgeshire

We tailor the free training for your journey from home to school or college. Therefore whether you travel by bus or train, we will support you every step of the way. Training sessions are always one-to-one. Because of this, your needs determine the length of the course. Therefore, you will gain independence gradually over several weeks because training is closely monitored and each stage is agreed in advance with you and your family.

You will only move on through the travel training programme when everyone feels you are ready to do so. Therefore, on the final journeys the trainer will follow without any contact unless needed.

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