T’s story

‘Not only has T increased his independence, we have noticed an increase in confidence in other ways…The training has equipped him with everything he needs.’ – T’s mum

T was referred to LiftTraining as a young man on the autistic spectrum with Asperger Syndrome. Due to limited transport options, it became essential that T learn to use public transport independently in order to access his sixth form.

When initially assessed, T came across as bright, polite but highly anxious. He struggled with social interactions and could react negatively to any changes in his routine. Due to his anxieties, T would also walk with a stoop, trying to make himself smaller.

As part of his training T worked one-to-one with a dedicated travel trainer. Together they worked towards achieving key targets and practised new skills on specific routes. T developed emergency strategies, sharpened his road and personal safety skills and developed orientation skills in the city centre. His travel trainer also developed personalised resources and prompts for T to use. With a positive ‘can do’ attitude T, took ownership of the tasks and soon began to demonstrate that he was developing the safety skills required in order to travel safely in the community. T also

learnt about the Keep Safe Scheme, equipping him with the knowledge of how to identify safe spaces in case of difficulties. Throughout T’s training his family were given regular updates about his progress and achievements.

Accompanied, close shadowed and distance shadowed sessions demonstrated that T had become ready to be a safe and competent traveller, and after two months he successfully completed his LiftTraining course. T is now preparing to enter sixth form and is ready for a future with education and employment options he didn’t have access to before.

‘Not only has T increased his independence, we have noticed an increase in confidence in other ways,’ said T’s mum.

‘He seems to have matured more. For example, when he couldn’t find his bus pass one day he asked for monies for the journey, and told Mum he could look for his bus pass later. This calm reaction was a whole new way for T to respond and showed us that he knows exactly what he needs to do.

‘The training has equipped him with everything he needs. The travel trainer was absolutely perfect and understood exactly how to communicate with T. We never could have imagined that this was possible!’

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