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LiftTraining was born in 2007 after National Star discovered a need for personalised travel training programmes that could support and empower people with physical and learning disabilities. We recognised that personalised and structured programmes would help learners increase their skills and build their confidence, giving them the opportunity to work towards travelling independently.

Since then, LiftTraining has developed a wide range of award winning services based across the UK, working within Derbyshire, East Sussex, Gloucestershire and Warwickshire.

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We’re always interested in working with County Councils, educational establishments, charities and organisations across the UK to create new travel training programmes. We can also help you further develop existing programmes, and provide the neccessary expert guidance and support. Use the menu tabs to the left of this page to find out more.

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Have a query or question about working with LiftTraining? Just get in touch with us by calling 01242 527631 emailing or completing our online enquiry form.

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