Chloe steps into work

When Chloe Smith started her Steps into Work supported internship with National Star in Hereford, she preferred to write things down rather than speak.

Her learning disability affects her ability to listen, to concentrate and to speak. She wouldn’t use a phone and would panic if she had to talk to strangers. She had tried to get a job without success and had reached a point where she never thought she would get paid work.

Now Chloe works part-time in the kitchen at the Spread Eagle pub in King Street, Hereford, and loves it.

Job coach support

‘My job coach helped me create a CV and helped me practise questions for interviews,’ said Chloe. ‘She helped me keep my placements by reminding me to slow down when I did things and how to plan my bus journey to get there independently.

‘Now I can speak to new people without getting worried. I am much better at dealing with problems, such as a bus not turning up, and I don’t panic when I am asking for help.’

Growing in confidence

‘Chloe’s confidence has grown so much since she started her supported internship with National Star,’ said her mum, Emma Smith.

‘The level of support she has received from her job coach has been incredible.’

Charlie Allport, Head Chef at the Spread Eagle, said: ‘Chloe brings laughter and there is never a dull moment when she is in the kitchen. She has become a valued member of our team.’

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