Jack realises work aspirations with EDF Energy internship

Jack at EDF Exeter

Jack was able to prepare himself for the workplace through a Steps into Work Supported Internship based with EDF Energy.

Jack, who has autism, experienced a challenging childhood.

‘People made judgements that they didn’t like me because I was autistic without even giving me a chance. I was bullied in both my schools which has been difficult for me and my family.’

In September 2015 Jack joined EDF Energy in Exeter as part of our Supported Internship programme. Interns are provided administrative-based tasks to complete, with the support of a job buddy and tutor. At the end of the programme interns are supported to search for jobs, apply for roles and attend interviews.

‘It offers you more options for work experience and more chance of getting a job you want,’ said Jack.

Jack has now secured an apprenticeship with Mid Devon District Council in Tiverton.

‘The interview techniques and questions we went over really helped,’ said Jack.

Sharon Howe, Tutor at EDF Energy, Exeter, added: ‘Jack has worked really hard to achieve this brilliant result.’

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Find out more about our Steps into Work Supported Internships or get in touch to arrange a meeting at steps-enquiries@nationalstar.org or on 07837 555329. You can also browse the Steps into Work newsletter archive to discover how the internships are creating a future full of new possibilities for people with disabilities.

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