Owen becomes one of Pugh’s Gardens’ best workers

Owen at Jason Pugh

Owen impressed the owner of Pugh’s Gardens so much that a six-month traineeship turned into a full-time job at the end of the programme.

Owen worked alongside the garden maintenance team. His responsibilities included using technology to identify plants and trees and developing pruning, hedge trimming and topiary skills.

Jason Pugh, owner of Pugh’s Gardens, said: ‘Owen is one of my best workers. He pays great attention to detail and has a good eye for visualising how the customer wants the garden to look. Every day he is learning something new.’

Mr Pugh also believes that the support offered by Owen’s job coach and tutor was integral to the success of the traineeship.

‘They were always there to talk through any problems. However, I could see the trainee’s potential from the start.’

Mr Pugh is keen to recommend the Steps into Work Traineeship to other employers.

‘I think it has been a massive success! There are several different areas that Owen could specialise in. A good future lies ahead of him, if he wants it. I was really pleased to be able to offer him a permanent full-time job at the end of the programme.’

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