Student Union

Meet the Student Union 2023/24 Representatives

  • Jasmine (Student Union President)
  • Laith (Vice President)
  • Alex
  • Dylan
  • Eleanor
  • Jeff
  • Justin
  • Misha
  • Shannon
  • Talia

Alex B

“I want to make change”


“I am good at using my AAC and I am friendly and helpful.”


“I am helpful and enjoy sharing my opinions. I’m friendly and enjoy a good party so would like to help organise events.”


“I’m a good role model and I listen carefully to student needs and what students want. I’m caring, kind and I really care about the students here, being a part of National Star and helping the students is an amazing opportunity.”


“I would like to be on the Student Union again in September because I feel that I fit in with Student Union and I join in and listen.”


“I want to voice my views on issues and I care about others.”


“I am a really motivated and determined student who is driven to bring positive and vibrant change to National Star. I believe that I will be able to bring a disability sporting culture to National Star and I am a strong and passionate believer in student voice.”


“I think I would be a good member of the SU because I can explain things well.”


“I am a good listener. I like to be involved in new projects and meet new people. I am a good role model for AAC users.”


“I like to listen to other students and take into account how they are feeling. I want to help them in their college journey.”

How the Student Union works

Our Student Union represents the voices of all students at National Star and helps to make sure that college is a great place to live and learn.

The Student Union meet weekly acting as a channel of communication between learners, National Star and other organisations.  

Student Union executive members have many roles. For example, Health and Safety Officer, Quality Assurance Officer, Safeguarding Officer and Events Officer.

As well as the Student Union there are a number of student-led committees that talk about things such as disability awareness, sustainability and environmental issues, college food and drink and student accommodation and residences. 

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