Student Union 2020

Collage of pictures of the Student Union (left to right): Cain Webb, Molly Martin, Alex Smith, Katie Leigh Walker, Daniel Sulola, Elliot Caswell, Freddie Bowden

Our Student Union represents the voices of all students at National Star and helps to make sure that college is a great place to live and learn. Members are voted in by their peers each year.

Meet 2020/21’s Student Union

  • Elliot Caswell (Student Union President)
  • Freddie Bowden (Student Union Vice President) 
  • Alex Smith
  • Cain Webb
  • Bea Maas
  • Daniel Sulola
  • Harry Thomas
  • Katie Leigh Walker
  • Molly Martin
  • Hashim Ashrif
  • Lowri Foden
  • Katie Collier
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