Africa beckons for Becki

Hereford Trainee Tutor Becki Perks will improve students’ understanding of Africa by taking part in a cultural exchange programme in Kenya. Becki will travel to Kenya as part of the British Council’s cultural exchange programme ‘Connecting Classrooms’.

The trip will improve Becki’s teaching skills in a new environment. It will also provide a chance for Hereford students to learn about Africa and the wider world.

Social enterprise at the heart of Africa trip

Becki will be taking cards, coasters, glassware and jewellery made by National Star students. Students from the Joyland Special School in Kisumu will sell the products locally.

A Kenyan teacher will travel to Hereford in April to work with National Star students, so they can sell items made by students in Kenya to people in Herefordshire.

‘Because volunteering abroad has always been a dream of mine I had to apply when this opportunity came up. It was meant to be!’ said Becki.

Improving understanding of life for people with disabilities in Africa

‘I want to not only experience a completely different culture but also to make the experience of National Star students better by bringing back new knowledge about what it may be like to live with a disability in another country. I also hope to support the students in Kenya by helping them raise money by selling products that we will help make with them,’ added Becki.

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