Coventry finds out how our garden grows

Students smiling using spades in garden

Thanks to a donation from Coventry Building Society, green-fingered students have been given the tools and equipment they need to care for our student garden in Ullenwood.

Coventry Building Society, who has been supporting our charity for three years, donated £975 to National Star from their Community
Partner Fund. The money has been used to purchase a range of items, including long-handled rakes, trowels, gravel that is safe for wheelchair users in wet weather and gloves.

Viv Wright, Tutor, visits the garden with her course tutor group every week.

‘Not only do the students learn about horticulture and the environment, they get to have fun working together and can develop their communication, decision-making and functional skills,’ said Viv.

‘They also get to experience the whole process of planting something and seeing the results. In the past we’ve planted pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds, and they’ve been able to watch them grow and gain an understanding of the work that goes into it.’

The garden, which features flourishing flower beds, plants and an indoor learning space called Woodpecker Lodge, can also be used by students as a space to relax away from the classroom.

Sophie Palin, Serena Workman and Adam Kelly from Coventry Building Society had the opportunity to see the students in action earlier this year.

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