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Health and social care worker at National Star

National Star in Hereford, which supports young people with disabilities, is creating up to 40 new jobs.

We are opening our first long-term living accommodation in Hereford. It will be based at 1 Ledbury Road as part of our £2.2 million expansion in Hereford. We currently run long-term accommodation in Gloucestershire and Worcestershire.

Work is due to be carried out over the summer, with the long-term living bungalows at 1 Ledbury Road due to be open in the autumn.

Roles will include care support workers, which are called facilitators at National Star, senior facilitators, housekeeper and a cook.

National Star is staging three Staff Recruitment Open Days on Saturday 18 May, Thursday 23 May and Monday 3 June at The Kindle Centre, Belmont Rd, Hereford, HR2 7JE.

‘This is an opportunity to join a dynamic team. National Star is a great place to work and I say that as someone who has been with the charity for 12 years,’ said John Mann, Head of National Star at Hereford.

‘The long-term bungalows will be for young people with disabilities and learning difficulties and will become their permanent home.’

National Star has run a day education facility in Hereford five years. That facility will move from Harrow Road to 1 Ledbury Road in the summer of 2020.

The Staff Recruitment Open Days will be held from 10am to 3pm (18 May), 2pm to 7pm (23 May) and 2pm to 7pm (3 June). To find out more  visit our website

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