Exploring life after college at our Transition Event

Exploring life after college at our Transition Event

Young people with disabilities and their families explored the support on offer for life after college at National Star’s Transition Event.

Held on Wednesday 28 March, the event featured 47 diverse exhibitors from across the country. From law firms and inclusive leisure providers to residential services, therapies and charitable organisations, the day provided a one-stop-shop of information and guidance, enabling visitors to build contacts and prepare for a post-education future. In addition to the exhibitors, Stagecoach offered bus travel sessions in partnership with National Star’s LiftTraining team.

Paul Allis, Business Development Director at Brain in Hand, was one of the exhibitors on the day. Paul believes that transition events are an ideal way for students, their parents and their carers to gain access to a range of both local and national services.

‘These events give an overview of everything that’s available,’ said Paul.

‘People can start to make choices around what’s right for supporting the person they’re working with or the individual themselves. So you get really personalised support for that individual, which is really important.’

‘Invariably people finish college and they perhaps might not know what is out there for them,’ added David Blackaby, Job Broker at Gloucestershire County Council. 

‘So events like this can show them that life continues after college. They can actually look at what’s available in the local community and then continue with their aspirations towards whatever goals they have.’

Andy is a parent of a first-year student at National Star. He came to the Transition Event to explore his daughter’s options for life after college.

‘It’s early days thinking about transition and what happens after college, but one of the things that we’re unsure about is where will she live and there’s all sorts of options to consider,’ said Andy.

‘It’s very important – certainly for us – that we have some knowledge of what is available because things are changing so often with funding and availability. The more information we can get as early as possible, the better.’

From day one National Star works with young people with disabilities and their families to put together a plan for life after college. Whether they choose to forge better links with their community, continue in education, move into a new home or enter paid or voluntary employment, individuals are supported to make informed choices. National Star’s long-term accommodation services are available in Cheltenham and Malvern, in addition to short breaks and respite care. They can all be accessed by young people after college.

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