Former student Talia wins place at new dance project

Students on dance stage taking part in a dance session

Former National Star student Talia has been accepted on an exciting new dance training programme in Ireland.

Talia’s ambition is to become a professional dancer and she has been accepted on to Inclusive Dance Cork, the first accredited inclusive dance training programme of its kind in the south of Ireland.

Talia is thrilled to be offered a place. ‘I’ve been involved in performing arts since I was a child, and as someone with cerebral palsy, dance has allowed me to express myself in ways that I otherwise could not,’ says Talia, who uses a wheelchair.

‘I want to learn more skills to teach children of all abilities to dance. It doesn’t matter if you have a disability or not, you can still express yourself through dance!’

Developing skills

Talia, who is 23 years old, hopes to develop her skills in improvisation and choreography to enable her to become an inclusive dance teacher. 

‘My current dance teacher is partially sighted, and this has inspired me to pursue a career in dance, as it has shown me that I should not allow my disability to stop me from being a dance teacher,’ she says.

‘I hope that one day I can act as a source of inspiration to a child, the way my teachers have been an inspiration to me.’

Talia took part in dance projects while at National Star. As part of Inclusive Dance Cork, Talia will learn about the history of inclusive dance, technical skills and much more. She is especially excited as the programme will include guest tutors and speakers from the world of professional inclusive dance.

Since leaving National Star and returning to her home near Belfast, Talia has been volunteering with Uplift Performing Arts, Mae Murray Foundation and with Fleming Fulton School.

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