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On a weekend when temperatures were soaring, a group of climbers from a Gloucestershire business heroically took on an astonishing trek between two Welsh mountains – all in aid of National Star.

The Moss Mountaineers from Kier Construction, which also has offices in Cheltenham, took a 40km journey, climbing 3,000m over 24 hours with backpacks laden with camping equipment.

They lost two litres of water in the baking sun for every one they drunk, were bitten by a cloud of midges, and walked through tick-infested undergrowth to show their passion for the National Star.

The 12-strong team trekked to the 1,000m peak of Y Garn in the Welsh Ogwen Valley, descending into Nant Peris, then climbing up Snowdon, down the other side, then up the second Y Garn on top of Nantlle Ridge. The challenge was taken during the hottest weekend in July for years.

‘The challenge to get from one mountain to another, both called Y Garn; from the Ogwen Valley to the Nantle ridge, looked very achievable on paper,’ Said HR Manager David McGill.

‘In reality it was a punishing ordeal in baking hot thirst-making sunshine, under a cloudless sky, carrying full packs for an overnight camp in the lee of Snowdon. We were very well prepared but the threat of heat exhaustion was always prominent in our minds.’

This is the second expedition the team has taken for National Star, and morale was maintained at all times, despite the tough challenge.

Cheltenham Operations Director Ben Ramsay said: ‘The second Y Garn never seemed to get any nearer. The realisation that, on reaching the halfway house on the Snowdon track after hours and hours, we were only half way up came as a blow and was only relieved by cooling down with a blue Slush Puppy iced drink. So with blue tongues and renewed legs we heaved our sacks on our backs and continued.’

Ben said: ‘Why did we do this crazy thing? In order to raise funds for the National Star so they can carry on with their extraordinary work to help to realise the aspirations of young people with disabilities.’

The £2,242 raised will go towards supporting our vital work with people with physical and learning disabilities and acquired brain injuries.

Pictured: (from left) Kier staff Martin Summers, Senior Planner; Ben Ramsay, Operations Director; Sarah Pridmore, Graphic Designer; Lisa Denby, Management Trainee and Melanie Day, Submissions Manager.

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