Lynette new Natspec Chair

Lynette Barrett, National Star’s Chief Operations Officer, has been selected to head Natspec, the national association representing specialist further education for young people with disabilities and learning difficulties.

She was elected Chair after being a board member for four years. Lynette has worked in education, health and social care for 24 years, joining National Star in January 2001. Holding over 18 years management experience, 12 years in Senior Leadership, Lynette never lost sight of the invaluable foundation starting her career as a facilitator provided.

Appointed as Chief Operations Officer in 2019, Lynette led the way in building and sustaining quality, achieving outstanding with Ofsted and the Care Quality Commission across all regulated areas. She is committed to ensure young people with disabilities receive quality Education and Care across the UK and have the freedom to choose the education and care that suits their needs and aspirations.

She is passionate about families and young people having access to the information they need to make the right decisions for their education and care.

‘Knowledge is power and enables people to make informed choices,’ said Lynette. ‘Recognising the importance of a well-written, detailed EHCP is essential when plans are being developed in Year 9.

‘The UK economy has taken a significant hit in the last 12 months due to the pandemic, funding to access good quality education and care for young people with disabilities has been a huge challenge for several years, the road ahead looks to be even more challenging.’

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