National Star and Beaumont College Report on the use of Assistive Technologies

Together with Beaumont College we have produced a report with the National Association of Specialist Colleges (NATSPEC) on the use of Assistive Technologies in Further Education Organisations.

The report reviews different staffing structures and training, hardware and software solutions in place, assessments for the most suitable equipment, funding and remaining informed of emerging technologies. It also includes recommendations of key issues for Further Education Organisations to consider in how Assistive Technology can support learners with disabilities.

We produced the report as part of DART 2, a JISC funded project led by Beaumont College, covering the development of assistive technology for learners with disabilities in further education. It can be downloaded from this link:

For more information about the DART project and how colleges can be involved in DART 2.1, just visit the DART website:

Dart Project

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