National Star supports the launch of a new wheelchair lap belt

National Star has provided expert support and guidance to Soloc Ltd over the past few years so the company can develop a new innovative single-handed wheelchair lap belt.

The Soloc lap-belt enables users to connect and release the lap belt using one hand, promoting the independence of wheelchair users with a range of functional impairments. It can be attached for right-handed or left-handed users, and is designed to support people with hand tremors, visual impairments and limited strength and manual dexterity.

Working with students National Star initially identified the need for the belt and offered opportunities for Safety Belt Solutions, a seat belt manufacturing company, and Magloc UK who develop clips that magnetically connect on their own. A prototype was developed as proof of concept which becoming a finalist in the NESTA Inclusive Technology Prize. The initial concept was known as ‘Handyclix’ and later became Soloc as the product was further developed over the next two years and a company set up to manufacture the product in the UK.

National Star is thrilled to have played a part in creating a unique product that will change the lives of people with disabilities in both enhancing safety whilst improving independence,’ said David Finch, Director of Technology Innovation at National Star. 

Currently there are two versions of the belt on the market distributed through Rehabilitation Manufacturing Services (RMS)

Option 1

Standard 50mm webbing belt with the Soloc buckle.

This belt is designed for people with a degree of mobility but requires assistance with dexterity to connect and release the buckle.

Option 2

The Soloc buckle is supported by a “Presenter Arm”.

This is designed for people with only the use of one arm / hand, the presenter arm holds the stud in a fixed position allowing the user to connect the buckle to the stud with just one hand.

Option 3 (Product launch summer 2021)

New for 2021 the Soloc Cobra belt, this is a concept product designed for people with very limited mobility and dexterity such as Quadriplegia, similar to Option 2 with its Presenter Arm this unit has two re-coiling arms than can be folded down to the lap where the buckle and stud align and connect. The alignment, Presenter Arms and belt anchor have all been re-designed to allow the belt to connect on its own with as little control as possible from the user. The new belt is currently being tested, to follow our progress visit our website in the link below.

Find out more

 Find out more about Soloc, the innovative one-handed wheelchair lap belt, by visiting the product’s website.

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