National Star’s travel training moves into Cambridgeshire

Young man standing on a railway station platform as a train goes past

National Star has secured a two-year contract to roll out its highly successful lift travel training programme to Cambridgeshire.

This will be the first time that travel training has been offered in Cambridgeshire after County Council officials recognised that being able to access education, employment and training was vital to improving life opportunities for young people with disabilities.

‘Lift Training’ is for young people with special educational needs and disabilities attending school or post 16 education up to the age of 25. The programme supports SEND students to gain the skills and confidence to independently travel to school or college using a range of public transport.

Trainers work with students and their families, tailoring training around their specific journey from home to school or college. As students build up their confidence they move through the programme until they feel able to travel on their own without support.

Ian Clark, Head of National Star’s Travel Training said: ‘Public transport is not easy for many groups to access because routes have been cut and those that remain are much busier. There are fewer direct services too which means passengers have to make multiple changes to get to their final destination, which can be very daunting to those not used to using public transport.

‘Using public transport is a life skill that will give young people access to so many more opportunities. We are delighted to be extending the reach of the Lift Training programme to Cambridgeshire and make a difference to young people’s lives.’

National Star also runs highly successful travel training in Derbyshire, Gloucestershire, East Sussex and Warwickshire. Discover more about our travel training programmes 


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