Roses Theatre comes to National Star in special screening

Roses Theatre comes to National Star in special screening

Thoughtful theatre staff have enabled young people with complex disabilities at National Star to see their pantomime without having to leave their college.

The Roses Theatre, in Tewkesbury, offered to give National Star  a recording of their pantomime Sleeping Beauty.

‘For many of our learners the noise and hustle and bustle of a busy theatre can be overpowering. Thanks to The Roses, learners and their families have been able to enjoy the pantomime in the a safe environment,’ said Elaine Gisby, (Director of People at National Star).

‘Thanks to the generosity of The Roses many of our learners have been able to see the performance more than once and it has provided a real festive feel to National Star.’

‘The performance was amazing and it has been the talk of the campus among the learners.’

Catherine Reese, from The Roses, said they were pleased to be able to give the students a chance to see the panto in a different way.

‘Sleeping Beauty is a celebration of all things fun and festive. It’s a chance to leave the real world behind and escape, I think they’ll be enchanted by it,’ she added.

The production, which runs from December 2 to 31, is written by Ben Crocker who is one of pantoland’s wittiest and most celebrated script writers.


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