Students proud of Ofsted rating

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National Star students are proud that Ofsted inspectors praised the college’s outstanding behaviour and attitudes.

Inspectors carried out a full inspection and spent three days at the campuses in Gloucestershire and Herefordshire in January and recognised the staff’s ‘very high expectations’ and ‘clear vision’ for the young people they teach.

Outstanding attitude and behaviour

Following the full inspection, National Star received an overall Good rating with Outstanding grading for behaviour and attitudes under the Ofsted Education Inspection Framework (EIF).

Chelsea, National Star Student Union President, said ‘On behalf of the Student Union and all the students at National Star I am proud that the Ofsted inspectors recognised our Outstanding attitude and behaviour.

‘The education that we are receiving is unbelievably outstanding. The progress we are making is much better than what we would achieve at a mainstream FE college and hopefully the next generation of students will continue to get even better marks.’

Exciting news phases of development

The inspection coincides with an exciting new phase of development for National Star. Since its last inspection, the college has introduced new education pathways for learners, including those with most complex needs.

In November 2022, the college became an Employer Provider for Apprenticeships and has its first cohort of 15 apprentices. Apprenticeships was graded Good overall, which is excellent for this new provision.

National Star in Hereford has seen unprecedented growth since moving to larger premises on Ledbury Road in 2021. This was the first time the Hereford teams were seen as part of an inspection and inspectors praised the team and the learners.

Support provided by ‘well qualified’ staff was a common theme throughout the inspectors’ report.

Learners ‘feel valued as individuals. Students and apprentices have positive attitudes to their learning and are proud of their achievements,’ the report states.

Life changing specialist education

Lynette Barrett, National Star’s Chief Executive said: ‘Everyone at National Star – the students and staff – are proud that we have achieved the Good Ofsted rating taking into consideration this was our first inspection under the EIF, with the case study approach focusing on a small percentage of National Star’s 218 learners, including seven of the new staff apprentices.

‘While under the old framework we were rated Outstanding, this does not diminish the professionalism and expertise of the team. We continue to be committed to working with some of the most complex and vulnerable learners in the UK, the difference specialist education makes to them can be life changing.

‘This inspection has provided valuable feedback for National Star. One of National Star’s core values is continuous improvement and we are passionate in doing just that to ensure we enable young people to realise their potential and become active citizens in control of their lives.’

Parent Governor Kim Anderson said ‘Our daughter, who has very complex needs, has received outstanding support from the knowledgeable, committed, and experienced staff at National Star during her time there.

‘The progress she has made, particularly from the specialised therapies that are available to her, has been wonderful to see.’

Read the full Ofsted report

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