Tash’s confidence soars at supported internship

Tash Bird smiling in canteen

Tash Bird never thought she would get a job, let alone secure one during the coronavirus pandemic. But the 21-year-old did just that and is working as a hostess with Avonmore Care Home in Bristol.

She admits she has come a long way, thanks to the support of National Star. When Tash started as a Steps Supported Intern, she battled with low confidence and high levels of anxiety.

Thanks to the one-to-one support from her tutor to help her settle into the work placement, Tash got the experience she needed to get a job.

‘I thought no one would ever take me on but they did,’ said Tash. ‘Thanks to the support of Sarah (her tutor), I now have so much more confidence. I’ve smashed it.’

Tash, who has mild cerebral palsy, moderate learning difficulties and autistic traits, was referred to National Star by the South Gloucestershire Transition team. She wanted to expand her level of experience in the catering industry while gaining qualifications that would help her find paid employment.

During her placement, Tash improved her communication with customers and money skills, and completed a range of training around food hygiene and health and safety.

When she received an interview with Avonmore Care Home, Tash’s tutor worked with her to prepare so that she could feel confident. ‘I am able to complete a lot of tasks on my own, which I couldn’t do at the start. I am more confident with customers. My tutor was there 24/7 to calm me down and now I have learned to calm myself,’ said Tash.

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