Realising the aspirations of people with disabilities

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The culture at National Star is very supportive with a strong ethos on supporting career progression and experiencing other roles from within. The management team are also available for support.
Staff work well as a team, management are approachable with ideas for progression and supportive with regular meetings. The students are the people that make the Star College.
National Star is an organisation I am proud to work for. The wellbeing of staff is considered just as much as that of the students.
Very useful as he feels more independent. You've really helped him a lot. Thank you for all your help with him.
- Parent of LiftTraining learner
Thank you so much for the training, it has been invaluable. I have already recommended Lift to two people.
- Parent of LiftTraining learner
Very useful to make me become more independent.
- LiftTraining learner
My confidence has grown considerably. I am grateful for everything and extremely happy to now have a student travel card.
- LiftTraining learner
I enjoyed the course. I learned how to cross the roads on my own which is great as now I can walk to school on my own.
- LiftTraining learner
‘I did a Facebook birthday fundraiser for National Star because it is such an amazing place to work. The students here really excel from the moment they start and it feels like one big family.’
The SU made me confident because I can share my ideas with people and enjoy helping people around college.
The SU has opened up opportunities for me, like getting the chance to appear on the Victoria Derbyshire show on the BBC. I have also enjoyed coming up with different ideas for how college needs improving and watching them happen. I was a shy person but the SU has helped me to express my opinion more freely.
Being part of the SU has changed my life. Being lead safeguarding rep in college has made me realise that it’s important to talk about your feelings.
The SU has given me the confidence to talk in a group. I went to the BBC because of the SU and this is something that I wouldn’t have been able to have done before.
I think it’s because of my role in the Student Union that my confidence in talking to large groups has increased and I can focus on the right things to say. I have made new friends and widened the circle of people that I know too.
I think being able to organise SU events, such as the balls, has helped my organisational skills and given me confidence to talk to people I haven’t seen or met before.
Very impressed by everything we saw, the tour made me feel excited about the possibilities that could be offered to my son.
Our guide Nick Podmore was extremely informative and an excellent guide. We thought National Star a very special place filled with hope and opportunities.
Struggle to think how you could improve! Incredibly helpful visit.
A very enjoyable tour. Lovely staff.
Keep up the good work.
Amazing college
Wonderful and informative visit for our students who are due to make decisions about their future. Thank you so much
I was so happy to visit the college, I would love to be able to send my Daughter to your college, as I feel she would do so well there.
Not sure how you can improve: friendly, professional staff who are more than competent but also compassionate.
It was all great. Nothing to add
Faultless introduction, exceeded expectations. So pleased we visited, so much so we've already made an application and are looking forward to booking our son a stay over in the new year. Didnt believe there was a better place for him than his current school, we were proved wrong...happily.
Inspiring college; friendly and informative staff.
Very impressed with the college and the people working there. Thank you for everything.
Tom seems to have settled into working life well. I have always found him to be professional, competent and personable.
Through tailor-made individual support and education we maximise every intern’s educational experience with a clear emphasis on gaining employability skills and accessing the world of work.
Jonathan Whittall, Wessington Court Farm
I love working as part of a real team doing real work
The team never fail to deliver. They always go the extra mile in terms of customer service and ensure that every small detail and request is fulfilled.
Tom Newman, Chief Executive of University of Gloucestershire Student Union
I am a disabled person myself, and if schemes like Steps into Work were available when I was younger I know it would not have taken me so long to succeed in my life.
Joseph, Job Buddy
Working at EDF is making full use of my day and gives me purpose. I have a better understanding of working in a big organisation. Feeling valued is special to everyone but especially people with special needs who have found it quite hard to find that.
It has been a life-changing experience. I couldn’t have asked for a more dedicated and kind Tutor whose belief in his students meant so much. I will never forget my time over the months I have spent with the group and EDF. Anyone who does the course in the future will be very lucky.
This experience has been incredibly helpful for me as it has been giving me my first valid work experience. I think above all, working here has made me realise that I can be useful and that I have gifts.
Through well-structured support and tailored job roles, interns can make a contribution that is significant. Staff will see the impact their support and guidance will directly have.
Debra Page, EDF Energy
Helping a person grow in confidence, developing their skills, helping them learn new ones in a workplace environment does make a difference.
Joseph, Job Buddy
If you have the opportunity to take part in this scheme, whether it be as a student or a buddy, please do it. You will always be supported by dedicated members of the organisation. So please come and join us in a great adventure.
Joseph, Job Buddy
Buddy has had a great journey at GLL, going from work experience student to colleague, mentor and a role model to new work experience students. Seeing him succeed has been the most rewarding experience.
Denisa, Job Coach
I have enjoyed every minute of coming here. It is brilliant. My favourite things are tractor driving and looking after Fred the farm dog.
I love working as part of a real team doing real work.
You are always treated as an adult.
I have learnt so many different skills, from tractor driving to welding.
Through tailor-made individual support and education, Wessington Court Farm aims to maximise every intern's educational experience in this exceptional rural environment, with a clear emphasis on gaining employability skills.
I was extremely happy with the quality and assistance I received for giclée prints of my portraits of Gloucester Rugby players. The quality of the reproductions of my charcoal drawings was especially exceptional and showed the details perfectly.
Russell, artist
I've used StarPrint several times for different products and I'm never disappointed. Great quality printing at the best prices!
Lorna, Tewskesbury Manor Players
I've had canvases of different sizes made, and all have come back to me very quickly and been of very high quality.
Keith, Muddy Race
T-shirt printing was of a high standard. Just under a year later there are no signs of damage to the printing! Good prices for a good service.
Keith, Muddy Race
It has been a privilege to work alongside students from National Star College. Our teams are gaining valuable insights as the students make contributions, which can only serve to enrich the future service we provide.
Mark Woodward, Criminal Justice Department, Gloucestershire Constabulary
The variety of jobs we have given Todd have been completed well and in a timely manner. It is a pleasure to have him volunteering with us and his input has made a noticeable difference.
Bev Hemming, Business Development Manager, Community Connexions
It is a pleasure to have Todd volunteering with us and his input has made a noticeable difference. Our yard now has fewer potholes, weeds and leaves and our pile of shredding has gone. Going forward Todd will carry on with these tasks and will also be helping us to keep our vehicles clean inside and out.
Bev Hemming, Business Development Manager, Community Connexions
Sam is reliable and a hard worker. You rarely get such consistency.
Richard East, Managing Director, RE Resource
I have done well in my work placement at Le Beaujolais and I have now got a paid job with them.
The real benefit is in building relationships. Our teams in the Control Rooms, OPCCs office and Witness Care Unit are gaining valuable insights as the students make contributions during the course of the work, which can only serve to enrich the future service we provide to victims and witnesses.
Mark Woodward, Witness Care Unit, Criminal Justice Department, Gloucestershire Constabulary
Working in different places helped me to be more confident. I can speak to and serve customers now. I have learnt to work with money and use a till. Now I have a good paid job.
Abbey Joe
I am pleased I’ve got a job for when I leave because it’s just right for me and my experience has really helped me achieve it.
Your college is in a beautiful picturesque location with a challenging par 3 golf course. We would definitely recommend a visit to any discerning golfer.
Nick Jenkins, The Friendship from Service Lodge No 7691 Golf Society
I really enjoyed working at the stage door of the Everyman Theatre. It was a great experience for me to see what it is like is to work in a proper professional theatre.
A Work Experience learner
It has been a pleasure to have a learner at Blue Sheep. If he continues to show the enthusiasm he displayed throughout his experience with us, I have no doubt he will be extremely successful in the career he pursues after study.
Blue Sheep
We would like to say thank you - we all had an enjoyable round. You have a lovely course, and this was the overwhelming feedback from our members on the day. We will be back if you will have us.
George Garland, Leisure Club Manager at Cheltenham Park Hotel
I have enjoyed the course and feel that it has enhanced my understanding of disabilities and how to ensure my practice is inclusive.
All aspects of the course are relevant to my teaching. I thoroughly enjoyed the course.
Better than any other course I have attended in a long time. Delivery was spot on.
Really interesting course, one of the most useful I have been on.
I’ve loved my time at Star, I’ve achieved so much, and have done so many things I thought I could never do.
- National Star College Learner
I think this is an outstanding college which has given me the skills and confidence to continue my studies.
- National Star College Learner
I've learnt so much about what I am capable of. It’s been a truly life changing experience for me.
- National Star College Learner
I‘m really positive about the future now…I know that I can succeed in my goal to have an independent life.
- National Star College Learner
I enjoyed all of the sessions, it was good that we could ask questions as we went along.
- Teaching Assistant who attended staff training
Thanks you so much for the caring support you gave. Due to school policy, I would not have been able to help my daughter learn to use public transport and I was really concerned that she would not be able to cope with the journey without proper training. I think Lift Training is a truly wonderful service for needy young people and would certainly recommend it, and you, again.
- Parent of a Lift Training learner
Thank you for working with my son. It has really built up his confidence and given him independence skills. We intend to keep building on these skills and he will be getting the bus into town on his own next week.
Parent of a Lift Training learner
National Star has been delivering Lift Training in West Berkshire since 2011. The programme has been invaluable in enabling people to travel to and from school independently. This not only improves their independence, but also gives people more confidence and self-esteem and a very important life skill for the future.
- Ms Jane Seymour, Service Manager, SEN and Disabled Children’s Team, West Berkshire Council
The tutor was so supportive and very patient. I feel confident for my son to travel on his own. Since he had Lift Training I can see he has initiaitve on what to do every morning.
- Parent of a Lift Training learner
My tutor was wonderful, I thoroughly enjoyed our time together. I would do the course again!
- Lift Training learner
Pittville will give students independence in a great modern space. It will be accessible and an exciting, vibrant place to live.
- Student Union President and third year learner, Nathan Mattick
I get 'that feeling' here that I don't get anywhere else. I can be me.
I've learnt how to speak to customers in a professional way. I'm nice to them but I don't speak to them like I would my friends. After all, they are not my friends and I am here to do a job.
It's great fun to be part of the Star College family, and it's been like a rollercoaster ride I don’t want to end.
I've learnt so much about what I am capable of. It’s been a truly life changing experience for me.
I think this is an outstanding college which has given me the skills and confidence to continue my studies.
The work we do is varied and unique, which makes it fun.
National Star College has taught me greater independence and I will take that away with me for the rest of my life.
- A National Star learner
I think this is an outstanding college which has given me the skills and confidence to continue my studies.
I've learnt so much about what I am capable of. It’s been a truly life changing experience for me.
I have had some wonderful times with my friends here, and some amazing experiences.
I'm really positive about the future now…I know that I can succeed in my goal to have an independent life.
I was really apprehensive about coming to Star, but during my time here I have managed to learn so much.
I have loved my experience here and my course is a good stepping stone.
I've loved my time at National Star College. I’ve achieved so much - so many things I thought I could never do.
College has been good. I have made some great new friends. I have learnt how to paint furniture and how to make a new pathway and lots of other things. I have been processing stock for the new charity shop and doing up computer keyboards for Schools Africa. I couldn't have done any of that without college.
- A National Star College learner
Through being involved in staff training, I have become much more confident with new people.
The whole dealing was superb on every level. A most impressive venue.
St Edward's Senior School
Thank you so much - the whole event was a success. We had really good feedback from the team about the venue and the lunch was lovely. We will be returning to you for our next event.
Commercial Group
Thank you so much for hosting us - one of the best venues we have used in the country!
Smartbox Assistive Technology
This venue has to be about the best training facility that I have come across, from the assistance of staff, the training room and general ambiance for staff to get the most out of training. Fantastic place!
Riverside ECHG
Once again, a fantastic venue and excellent service from the event co-ordinator and her team. Thanks for making our event a success.
Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group
The whole service in the lead up to the show and on the day of the performance was fantastic. Everyone was so helpful and went out of their way to ensure that everything ran smoothly. All our pupils and parents were very complimentary about the facilities. We will definitely be booking National Star for our show next year.
Emma Ward Dance & Performing Arts
Food was excellent and the event co-ordinator could not have been more helpful.
Endsleigh Insurance Services Ltd
The location is beautiful and very accessible for attendees throughout the county.
Gloucestershire County Council
We were very keen to return this year after an excellent experience last year. The staff were very helpful, the facilities were perfect and the catering from StarBistro was excellent.
Gloucestershire Care Services
Very impressed with organisation, contact and helpfulness. To spend the company's money in a charity environment rather than a hotel, with a diversity context was fantastic. The location and general ambience of the surroundings and people was very invigorating.
EDF Energy
Thank you so much for making our SAFE Music and Drama School such a wonderful week. All the staff were so good to us and everything flowed smoothly. Our time spent at the college was, as always, so enjoyable. The facilities that you have make it easy for all who attend, and this we value.
The Salvation Army
Now I know not to let my disabilities stop me from doing exactly what I want to achieve throughout my life.
It’s awesome - you get to find out your own capabilities. You realise who you are as a person.
My greatest achievement from my time at the National Star College is to obtain a paid job in an office which I am very happy with.
I really enjoy saying hello to everyone coming into National Star College.
Working in the shop has been a big achievement as I have been working on my money skills and now I can independently give change to the customers. I have gained lots of confidence working with others. I wasn’t very good at that before.
I have loved working in different catering places – StarBistro and the Tea Room in Tewkesbury. There has been so much variety on the course and I have enjoyed it all. I have work skills that I can take anywhere now!
When I first started, I was nervous and didn't know what to expect. It's been a great experience and has made me more confident and more independent without having to rely on someone else.
- Matt LiftTraining learner
The sensitivity, care and diligence shown to our daughter while she was unwell was amazing. The care and nursing staff made sure she was safe, comfortable and happy through a difficult time, and gave us the much needed support we required.
National Star is a one off! I would recommend the residential college experience to anyone.
I can’t commend the team that worked with my son enough, especially his current keyworker. He is so happy and has matured greatly.
Young people leaving National Star need good places to live with experienced and highly trained staff that can offer them a quality life with others their age. I can’t think of anyone better to take on this project and succeed than Star.
We are delighted with how our son has settled and adapted to college life. This start was aided by the excellent care and support from his residency carers, learning mentor and associated team of professionals who through initial induction and consistent communication have accurately established his needs and generated a personalised programme to support his development.
I love living at college. I make new friends, go out and just really enjoy myself.
Sophie has really enjoyed travelling on her own. We will be using the bus to visit her Auntie and sister. Thank you to her Travel Mentor, she was very helpful.
- Sophie's Mum
I am going to use other buses now I have my bus pass.
- Sophie
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