International partnerships

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Programmes and services

National Star College is a centre of excellence for the further education of young people and adults with disabilities. We have over 40 years of experience in designing and delivering specialist programmes of study and training, developing specialised assessment and leading the development of assistive and enabling technologies. The college works in partnership with a wide range of international partners to deliver programmes involving staff, learners and business services.

Our expertise

  • International projects
  • Designing and delivering specialist assessment and programmes for people with disabilities
  • Coaching people with disabilities to gain employment
  • Developing and delivering specialist professional development
  • Designing and using technology to support learning and teaching
  • Delivering training programmes for trainers and those working with people with disabilities
  • Advice on the education and care of people with disabilities

Our international programmes offer a range of staff training and development, curriculum focussed activities, tailored learning programmes and exchanges and a range of business services.

Our international offer includes

  • Flexible life skills and vocational courses
  • Work skills programmes and supported work placements
  • Learner support training programmes
  • Specialist teacher training
  • Technology assessment, training and support services
  • Care, therapy assessment and training services
  • Language, literacy, dyslexia training and assessment
  • Consultancy services
  • Activity holidays for young people and their families
  • Research and development
  • Professional development programmes and services
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