International projects

Director of International Development shakes the hand of a smiling Nigerian womanWe work with lots of partners across the world. These allow us to offer learners lots of opportunities and new experiences. Some learners get to travel to countries like Germany and Turkey. To find out more, call 01242 527631 or email

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Erasmus + Greek partnership

National Star College is currently working in partnership with Protypi Viotechniki Monada Lakkias, a vocational training college for young Greek students with learning difficulties in Thessaloniki, Greece. The project provides two-week work-based training placements for students in the UK, and research and good practice sharing seminars for teachers.

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Connecting Classrooms 2014 – 2015

Director of International Development shakes the hand of a smiling Nigerian woman

We are working with Joyland Special Secondary School in Kenya and Atunde-Olu Special School in Lagos, Nigeria, in order to develop curriculum themes around recycling, sustainability and the development of cultural understanding.

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International Work Skills Programme

International Work Skills

A six week work skills programme has been established to give European students with disabilities opportunities to develop high level work skills with UK employers, and develop their business English language skills.

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12 – 15 May 2014: EnableIT – Transversal Study Programme

A female learner using IT access tools to access a computer whilst sat at a desk

National Star College hosted a European Transversal study visit that explored the use of assistive and enabling technology for people with disabilities and additional learning needs. This involved four days of workshops, visits, meeting students and shadowing professionals working at National Star.

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2012 – 2014: WorkSteps Europe

Learners on a rural work placement working in a field

This is Leonardo mobility project creates work transition opportunities for young people with learning disabilities through European work placements. Working with VIA Integration social enterprise firms in Aachen, Germany, learners undertake two week work placements with UK job mentors, taking place in a market garden, theatre café and a social store.

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2012 – 2014: Creating Communities

A photograph taken during a dance performance where a group of dancers are huddled together facing a man knelt on the floor

For this Grundtvig funded programme we work with our partners in Spain, Slovakia and Turkey. Each partner has specialist expertise in working with adults with disabilities in dance, theatre and craft based work, and incorporate themes of expressive arts and disability equality.

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2012 – 2013: Connecting Classrooms

A female member of staff from National Star talks with a pupil from Joyland school in Kenya, whilst they are sat at their desk

This British Council funded programme supported our partnership with Joyland Special Secondary school in Kisumu, Kenya. Learners worked on joint curriculum activities to discuss their perceptions of sustainable living, disability equality in learning, living and work and the differences in their cultural lifestyles.

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2009 – 2011: The Leonardo Partnership Project

Group photograph of participants of the Leonardo Partnership Project, standing outside in the snow

European partners worked together on the Leonardo Partnership Project to improve self employment skills for people with disabilities through social enterprises.

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Comenius Programmes

Beneficiaries of the Comenius Programme stand together for a group photograph

National Star College has delivered two British Council funded Comenius programmes between 2008 and 2011, with partners in Finland, Germany and the Netherlands. DisCover allowed learners to explore leisure and work opportunities in each partner country, and develop guide book resources for young people with disabilities for each country.

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The Star Center

Star centre logo

Based in Tennessee, USA, this is a demonstration, resource and training centre that ensures people with disabilities are able to maximise their potential for independence and employment. It does this through assistive technology, assistive aids and support services.

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Shishu Sarothi Centre

Director of International Development, David Finch stands with staff outside Shishu Sarothi Centre in India

This is a Special Education and rehabilitation school and centre in Guwahati, India. We visited in 2008, and were able to explore the day centre for special education, the diagnostic clinic and outdoor service departments, the training and human resources division, the disability law unit and a vocational training department.

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