In this section, Ed Tech Demonstrator and their support schools will be able to register for an individual online assistive technology assessment, with a professional assistive technologist, free of charge.  

This will be a 30-60 minutes online assessment with a professional assistive technologist to identify the current barriers to learning and explore technology solutions that can easily be adopted by the learner and school.

How will it be arranged?
Complete the form below stating if you are a teacher, parent or learner. You will then be contacted by an administrator or assistive technologist to take further details and arrange a suitable time for the assessment.

How long will the assessment take?
The assessment will be up to an hour, but this may differ widely based on need and circumstances.

What will the assessment consist of?
The assessment will be to discovery the learner’s unique situation and barriers to learning, find which barriers can be overcome with the use of available assistive technology and make appropriate recommendations.

What is the scope of the recommendations?
The assessment is designed to give a useful starting point, and gives recommendations based on the information available.

Who will have access to the report?
A report will be issued to the person requesting the assessment. National Star will request an anonymised report following each assessment for quality assurance purposes.

Assessment request form

Please complete this form to request an online assistive technology assessment.

Once the form is completed you will be contacted by an administrator or assessor for further details and to arrange an assessment date and time.

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