Case Studies

EdTech SEND Support Hub Case Studies

National Star through the EdTech Demonstrator programme can help schools and colleges engage within the SEND (Special Education Needs and Development) specialisms to use assistive technology in their environment.

Below is a simple example of where the EdTech Demonstrator programme through National Star can assist/advise further:

“A student at the school gate, struggles to leave their parent in the morning.  The student is identified by a member of staff as needing support engaging with the activities set for the day. The use of an App on a tablet providing a pictorial timetable pushing ‘Now and Next’ notifications can help to aid the everyday transition into school.”

In this example, the member of staff has approached their line manager and identified the requirement to work with a SEND specialist provider through the EdTech Demonstrator programme.

For additional examples of how National Star has used technology to further student and staff development, please review the case studies below.

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