Episode guide

Episode Guide

Find out what’s in store for the stars of BBC Three’s The Unbreakables with our handy episode summaries.

Episode 1: Thursday 30 July, 9pm

Beth in the Welsh Valleys prepares to leave home and start college. She is desperate to meet new friends and quickly falls for Ed, but Beth must come to terms with his learning disability, which is causing him to believe that he is a retired premiership footballer.Bradley is running for Student Union President, but he’ll have to usurp Nathan, who’s running for his second term…

Meanwhile, roommates Xenon and Bradley banter effortlessly about which of them is more handsome, but as their time at college finishes, will leaving risk their friendship coming to an end?

Episode 2: Thursday 6 August, 9pm

We meet excitable new freshers as they embark on their first taste of freedom, including 20-year old Dan who has cerebral palsy and dreams of being a DJ.

We’re also introduced to the Overton House family, a noisy, fun-loving bunch of friends who are keen to make the most of their time away from home by getting up to the usual student high-jinx of shots and truth-or-dare! The group includes Nicki, who wasn’t born with a disability but had a brain injury at 17, and an emotional trip home as Josh opens up to his mum as he remembers his teenage life.

Episode 3: Thursday 13 August, 9pm

We meet the charismatic Lewis who hails from Newcastle and is followed as he embarks on a personal mission to find a Geordie accent for his communication device, with the help of his friend Rob’s voice.

Meanwhile, while Morgan’s speech is sometimes unclear, he won’t let that hold him back in his search for gainful employment.

For Sasha, the one thing she doesn’t want to do after college is return home to live with mum and dad, and we follow her struggle to move into suitable housing.

In the last of these searingly honest and powerful programmes, we witness the resilience and hope of these young people and their families, overcoming the odds and the high-stakes drama of life. Don’t miss it!

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