Episode 2

Episode 2


Nicki achieved her goal to go out and about on her own. She has now left National Star, moved into her own flat and will be starting a new drama course at a college in St Albans in September. She and Liam are still going strong, though it is now a long-distance relationship. Her dream is to be an actress.


Josh continues to campaign for rights and acceptance of people with disabilities, and has spoken at more schools. He has been on BBC Breakfast promoting The Unbreakables and his Don’t Call Me Special campaign. He has also written a blog post for The Guardian. He has been elected as Vice President of the Student Union for next year. He is also moving into an independent flat with Lewis.


Megan continues to study Art and IT at National Star, and will be a member of the Student Union for a second year. She made headlines in her own right when she tackled a mugger who tried to take her money. ‘I may use a wheelchair, but I am not an easy target,’ she said.


Liam graduated with a BTEC Diploma in Sport, which has enabled him to study a higher level course at his local college. He and Nicki are still going strong.


Molly will be continuing her Art course at National Star, while also working for the Student Union for a second year. She will be sharing an independent-living flat with Bethan, and already it is being dubbed as the ‘place to meet’ flat.


Dan has already arranged work experience with Radio Gloucestershire next year as he moves into his second year at National Star. He is still looking for that big break on radio.


Alex will be next year’s Student Union President. He plans to influence government policy about education for young people with disabilities through the A Right not a Fight campaign, and is looking at launching his own political party. His relationship didn’t work out, and Alex is now dating another student at the college.

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