Aquatic therapy

Our experienced Physiotherapy team offer a range of specialist aquatic therapy programmes. These are entirely bespoke for each student, and are not only tailored to their specific needs, but designed to work alongside their land-based therapies.

A National Star student in hydrotherapy session with physiotherapist.

Our state of the art therapy pool benefits from a surround and under water music system, light and video projectors (which display imagery on the wall and ceiling), resistance jets, a giant water shower and a private changing area with overhead tracking.

National Star’s aquatic therapy programmes are designed to:

  • Enable students to experience freedom of movement and relaxation
  • Limit deterioration by maintaining and enhancing joint range of movement
  • Limit deterioration by maintaining and enhancing muscle strength
  • Limit deterioration by maintaining and enhancing functional ability
  • Maintain head control
  • Allow controlled, supported stretches
  • Reduce the risks of pain, contracture and need for surgery in the future
  • Enhance global muscle strength
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