Assistive equipment

Student and teacher working with assistive equipment

National Star provides a wide range of assistive technology equipment that maximises the independence of students and supports them to achieve their full potential. In conjunction with an initial assessment, we are able to match students to the equipment that best meets their specific needs across communication, mobility, IT access and environment control. These include:

  • Computer software packages with screen readers, dwell clickers and alternatives ways of interacting with and controlling a PC using switches and voice
  • Alternative methods of controlling a computer mouse, including SmartNav, EnPathia and Eye Tracking
  • Control of equipment in bedrooms, such as lighting, entertainment systems and phones
  • Reading aids and magnifiers
  • Enabled iPads and gaming systems

Where we are unable to find a specific type of equipment commercially available, we can create our own bespoke solutions, supported by our on-going research and development work.

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For more information about assistive equipment please contact us on 01242 527631.

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