Enabling technologies

National Star College teacher works with a student using a digital camera

At National Star, we offer, research and develop a wide range of specialist enabling technology for people with disabilities. This allows us to maximise the independence of students by providing them with equipment that best meets their specific – and often complex – needs.

This begins with a thorough assessment, which enables our dedicated and experienced team to match students to the technology that’s right for them. This includes IT equipment, mobility devices and communication products. Where necessary, we are able to create fully bespoke solutions. Full training and on-going support for using the technology is provided.

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of technology development, and our work with other organisations and developers sees us continually striving towards the goal of not only enabling students to reach their full potential while at National Star, but preparing them for the transition to independent living and occupation after they’ve left us.

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For more information about enabling technologies please contact us on 01242 527631 ext. 5320.

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