Speech and language therapy

Team photo of the Speech and Language Therapy team

Our speech and language therapists help students to improve how they communicate.

Effective communication helps them to become more independent and prepare for later life.

Students funded to receive speech and language input will have their own action plan. Those plans may include:

  • Ways to develop confidence when talking to others in a group.
  • Listening as well as talking.
  • Widening the range of words used.
  • Having the confidence to use Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) systems.

All aspects of a student’s life at college will involve speech and language therapy. Students work on communication at mealtimes and during social activities.

We often help to improve a student’s communication by using technology. For example, using smart speakers can improve speech clarity for some students.

Some students make huge improvements in communication, sending emails for the first time. Others master new communication devices or enjoy talking to others.

We gear everything we do towards life after college, supporting independence.

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