Speech and language therapy

Team photo of the Speech and Language Therapy team

Our 14-strong Speech and Language Therapy team are experts at helping people with disabilities develop their communication skills.

Each student who receives speech and language therapy is assigned a lead therapist. Students are assessed when they arrive to establish their specific speech, language and communications needs so that a bespoke plan of action can be developed.

For students funded to receive speech and language therapy the team will support them in:

  • Developing their expression and understanding of language, increasing vocabulary and overall confidence.
  • Improving social communication skills with family, friends and members of the public (where appropriate).
  • Confidently using Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) systems and strategies.

Students are also supported in developing their communication skills by every member of their learning and care team. When they wake up, over lunch with friends, during evening social activities, they are encouraged to work on their communication.

In addition, when a student leaves National Star we ensure that future care providers understand the student’s ongoing communication needs.

Staff are members of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists and the Health Care Professions Council. They also access a range of specialist clinical excellence networks to keep up-to-date with new studies and practice.

Working closely with the National Star technology team our speech and language therapists are constantly exploring ways in which new technology can support students’ communication, including the use of smart speakers to enhance speech clarity.

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