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Gyms take on Devil Mud Run

Devil Mud Run
Mike Beer and his brothers Lewis and Russell assembled a team of over 50 gym members to undertake the notoriously tough Devil Mud Run.

Competing in aid of National Star, the team from Cheltenham’s Studio Fit and Bigger Leaner Stronger tackled over 31 obstacles across an 8–kilometre course. They took on rugged countryside, woods, water and, of course, plenty of mud.

‘We were totally covered in mud at the end so I just stripped off my T-shirt and threw it away . . . even my trainers went into the bin! I didn’t fancy taking them home and washing them,’ Mike says.

‘It was a great laugh though, 55 of us running 8K over about 30 obstacles.

‘I’m pretty fit but it was a big challenge and it felt like an achievement to finish. You’re running up hills and climbing over hay bales, crawling under nets and going through massive puddles. It’s about the right level for our team, it was tough but not ridiculous.’

The Beer brothers picked the Devil Mud Run as one of their annual charity fundraisers.

‘We do boot camps and team training and we’re all good friends so we like to take on challenges together. Every Sunday for about 10 weeks before the event we did a training session so we were prepared but being wet and covered in slippery mud makes it harder work than you expect.’

The team raised over £4,000 for National Star.

‘We picked National Star because it was local but before I went to visit I didn’t really know what they did. Seeing what it’s all about makes you want to give it a good push because you know where the money is going. They make such a massive impact on people’s lives and really change them for the better. It feels good to do something to help them.’

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There are lots of ways you can support the work of National Star and have plenty of fun at the same time. Click here to find out more, or get in touch with our Fundraising team on 01242 524478 / You can also donate by clicking here.

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