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Online StarShop showcases the work of students

Online Star Shop

Our new online StarShop is showcasing the talents of National Star learners.

On offer is a fantastic range of products, including greetings cards, jewellery, homeware and crafts – all of which make perfect gifts. You can also purchase original pieces of art and design created by learners and produced through our social enterprise StarPrint.

Molly Lane is one National Star learner who hopes to work as an artist when she finishes college.

‘When you paint a picture you are living in the world of that picture,’ says Molly, who was also one of the stars from the BBC Three series The Unbreakables.

‘Once a painting is done I feel a real sense of achievement. Here they never say the word ‘can’t’ to you. It has helped me become more confident and means that I can reach my full potential.’

One of Molly’s designs are included in the range of Christmas cards you can buy online. The cards were produced by learners working at StarPrint.

Every purchase made in the StarShop supports our work with people with disabilities.

Find out more

Start browsing the StarShop by clicking here. You can also watch our learners in action by visiting our YouTube channel.

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